Broadcasting Your Intention

antsI noticed ants converging around the cat’s bowl, and saw a long stream of them coming from the under the front door. We decided this was the perfect opportunity to try an experiment with our new digital radionics software.  It works like this: By using a witness (picture of ants) and writing the intention (“All ants leave apartment #115 at 123 South Main St.), we can find a rate, convert the intention to a rate, and vibrate that rate out to the ants. Jimmie grabbed his cell phone and took a picture of the ants and uploaded it to the computer.  We set up the software with the picture of the ants and entered our intention for the ants to leave. We broadcasted, watched and waited.  I really wish I had video taped what happened next.  There seemed to be some confusion amongst the ants. Messenger ants were running back to the front door, stopping from ant to ant to communicate something, and after they did, the other ants turned around and followed them back out.  Soon all the ants were reversing their path and turning back to the front door.  I would say it took about an hour or so for all of the ants to leave, which they all eventually did.  I have used the same software to broadcast other messages such as “Alison, please call your mom”.phone1

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