Protection While Healing

We all have healing power in our touch.  Any mother knows cradling her crying child will sooth like nothing else. Stroking a dog’s head not only relaxes the dog, but ourselves as well, and is known to lower blood pressure. A hug or a hand squeeze can do so much without even thinking about it, so imagine how a very strong intention incorporated with touch, could penetrate. I have laid hands on Jimmie with great success  drawing out pain from an old injury in his knee, and also during a painful bout with kidney stones, again drawing out the pain. But the flip side is that there can be great risk when you open yourself up as needed to do when healing. One must be very careful when doing any type of healing and ask for protection, so that the healer doesn’t receive the illness or condition he is trying to cure, which can happen.  One method requires holding a glass of water with fingers in it with one hand, and you do the healing or dowsing with the other hand.  When you draw the pain and negativity from whoever you are healing, it goes into the glass of water which you later dump out.  Once during an extremely painful heroin withdrawal my daughter Alison was going through, I dowsed over her and tried to draw the pain and sickness out of her (not using the glass of water). She will tell you that turned out to be one of the lightest and fastest withdraws she ever had, but me, I got deathly sick with heroin withdraw-like symptoms, and ended up being the one in bed!

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