Natural Solution To Feline Diabetes

Vaccinations are required in order for animals to board planes, even when traveling cargo. Against my better judgement, and as I told Jimmie, I refused to drive cross country with a husky/rottie and a fussy old cat with no car experience.  So, we got Brandi and O’Shay vaccinated, thinking this would be less harmful then a 5 day car trip, though neither an option I liked.      As it turned out, we had to end up driving 5 hours from Pittsburgh  to Maryland to fly them out on Continental                                                    (the best pet carrier, so they say)    and I now know 5 days on the road would have probably killed the cat.  The time was February 2010.

By July we had settled into our new home, and  O’Shay developed feline diabetes, undoubtedly from the vaccination. Her symptoms were typical- vomiting, weigh loss, ravenous appetite, great thirst, and finally a long thin opening on her back- a diabetic wound.  First, we took her off pure tuna, which was too high in protein which cats can’t handle when they get older. That helped a lot. She was already a 17 year old cat and other than skin allergies, she had never really been sick. Next Jimmie made a remedy from a snip of her cat hair, potentized on a decagon. The first dose of the remedy actually caused an aggravation-she threw up violently and stayed under the bed for the rest of the day, but we’re not thrown off by aggravations cause we know it means we got the right remedy, just a little too strong. “O’Shay”, as the remedy became known as, proved to be a vital compliment to our strategy of trying to keep this cat alive and happy for the next year. We also used a  Sanjeevini pattern for balancing the blood sugar, which I think helped a lot.  Here are some notes I made a month after we began treating her:

    ” 8/6/2010- O’Shay showing absolutely no signs of diabetes- I cannot remember the last time I saw her at the water bowl. No vomit. Wound healed. Vitality and normal actions. No signs of distress. Gave her 1 more dose of the “O’Shay” remedy, just for maintenance. We never even used the homeopathic remedy abroma augusta 3x (suggested by pendulum) although we may, to get rid of fishy order of urine, which is the only symptom that remains.”

We fought the diabetes quite successfully on and off and got one more year out of the great O’Shay. Although she’s been gone almost a year, if you happen to be awake at 3 or 4 in the morning and look up at the top of the wall above our back patio, you might see a black cat looking down.


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  1. Sanja Jovicic
    Jan 23, 2016 @ 20:17:35

    Beautiful story!!! Donyiu think the same.process….

    • The Pendulist
      Jan 23, 2016 @ 20:56:56

      of course. you will need to potentize the remedy from a sample obtained from your dog.