Natural Treatments for Kidney Stones

For weeks now, Jimmie has been complaining about feeling a kind of blockage, not really knowing why. He dosed off while sitting at the computer a few nights a go, and woke up in a sweat, wanting to go to the bathroom and throw up. Then it seemed to pass. 2 days after that, again in the middle of the night, he awoke in desperate pain and vomiting as well as finding it hard to urinate. I did some simple hands-on work, as it was 3 in the morning and I wasn’t functioning at full throttle, and did significantly quiet him and reduce the pain, until morning when he woke up in maximum pain again. He took nux vomica- he’s thinking digestion. I’m thinking urinary or kidney, since peeing was a problem and it seemed to me he was toxic from not eliminating. I immediately put a witness of him (spit sample in a bottle) on Ruggerio’s radionics circuit #15, ‘eliminator of noxious energy’. This has become a standard whenever anyone gets sick now a days. I then took out my pendulum and dowsed for the homeopathic remedy that would best treat his current acute condition, whatever that was. Remedy #40 was selected. I referred to my remedy list, and #40 was Chimaphila umbellata, what I call a more exotic remedy- I had never heard of it before. I went to the medica materia to look up the properties and what it was used to treat. Hmmmmm- urinary tract, kidney, and prostate remedy, mainly!!!!!! Made up a batch using paper and black ink, salt water, and my decagon. In the meantime, I got Tom from Pittsburgh on the phone, a homeopathist I really trust at the end of the day. He was thinking digestion too, and recommended ipecac, which, after an hour, had not changed a thing, so we all decided a trip to the ER was in order, just to get a diagnosis, because at this point, we really did not know what we had, and the pain seemed unbearable. Took Jimmie to the Kaiser Hospital ER, where his pain was quickly dealt with via a shot of morphine. Blood work and a CT were ordered, as well as a urine analysis. Hours later, a urologist came in to discuss the findings which turned out to be kidney stones accompanied by renal colic. There was a large stone pressing on the urethra hampering urination, and another small one. A very concerned doctor advised emergency surgery involving running a stint up the penis, past the kidney and up to where the larger stone was closing the urethra. The point was to open the urethra up to allow him to pee. This procedure did not even address getting rid of the stones, which the doctor claimed couldn’t be dissolved and were too big to pass. “Hell no” says Jimmie and we politely thanked the doctor and left.

Now knowing what we have here, it was much easier to spring into action. First order of healing would be Sanjeevini prayer patterns. I selected, blockage, pain, and UT and kidney stones, and made a remedy using distilled water, which helps break up the stones as well. He then sipped the chimaphila, which by now was potenized. I must say Jimmie’s pain all but left within 2 hours, and what remained was soreness and still a feeling a being blocked, however very very much improved. He didn’t even start the hydrangea root tincture Tom recommended, until did the next day, at which time I made a cocktail of distilled water, apple juice, apple cider vinegar, and about 40 drops of hydrangea root tincture, to be sipped throughout the day until the stone is dissolved or passed. By the way, Tom said the chimaphila was a great UT and prostate remedy, and a good pick. I have my higher self to thank for that, who knew from the gate!

As of Saturday, 5 days after going to the hospital, Jimmie easily took a brisk ½ mile walk, and carried a small healing device he invented- a miniature paper doctor remedy inserted into a 2″x3″ plastic refrigerator magnet that you can hold and touch while walking, driving, or sitting at your desk. ( I’ve even tucked them in my pants waistband for continual delivery, somewhat like a patch would work.) He used “stimulate your healing” which is a magnificent pattern we have used for everything from toothache to cold and flu. His pain level had remained a constant 1 or 2 at the most, 10 being worst. He has been consistently taking the hydrangea root tonic and the sanjeeveeni water, and remained on the radionics circuit to eliminate noxious energy. No more problems with elimination either, thank you chitosan and flax seed soaked in hot water. Using a crude form of reflexology and just rubbing the arches of the feet from front to back which correspond to the kidney to bladder, I could actually feel a lump under the arch of the left foot (it is the left kidney effected), which has come down a lot over the past 5 days. According to the urologist, Jimmie should be dead by now.

It is Wednesday and eight days out. There is zero pain or even tightness in the kidney area. After a half mile walk he ate, and now Jimmie is getting ready to go to work. When emergency surgery is averted, antibiotics are avoided, and the need for toxic pain killers is eliminated, we have achieved success. Using a gentle acting and totally natural kidney flush, prayer patterns, and self realized homeopathy, we were able to relieve pain, break up kidney stones, and restore normal UT function. Dietary changes, drinking distilled water, and the intermittent use of hydrangea root tincture are now a part of Jimmie’s “future kidney stone prevention” program.

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