Balancing Groceries With My Pendulum

I used to hate throwing out fruit that molds and spoils before I had time to finish it. Now my fresh blueberries last me at least 3 weeks, or until they are all gone.

How is that possible? Through balancing. I’ve installed several programs in my pendulum- one of them is for balancing. Whenever I return from the grocery or bring anything into this house, I balance it. Aside from the program for balancing, I also have one for removing or balancing noxious energy and moving stagnant water. For any novices who are interested in dowsing, I suggest getting started with reading the Letters to Robin, which fully explains the concept of dowsing, how to do it, how to install basic programs, etc. And never forget that God is the source of all healing- actually the source of all, period!

Since we began dowsing and using radionics, we have noticed the following random changes:
1. The fruit flies which were an ongoing pest in the house have all left.
2. Brandi’s habitual bad breath has neutralized and never returned.
3. 3 month old potato chips gone stale are now crisp again.
4. The weak a/c in the car has improved and no longer needs to go to the shop.
5. Many enter our house and comment on how peaceful it is, and it is!

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