The Placebo Factor

Simply Amazing
Prior to leaving Pittsburgh, Jimmie wanted to see the dentist to have some dental work checked that had been done the year before. Because of all the last minute things we had to do, he never got to see the dentist and dismissed the issue. Oddly enough, when we took Brandi for her plane ride vaccination, the vet noticed a red angry inflamed tooth- upper back molar, which at the time since we knew no better, had extracted. We arrived in LA end of March, and about 3 weeks later Jimmie started complaining about the bad tooth again- said it hurt and felt infected deep in the root. We had just begun experimenting with paper doctor patterns, and Jimmie tried using ‘stimulating your healing response’ to avert the toothache. He touched the pattern frequently throughout the day at which time the tooth ache was gone. Placebo? Lets check it out. On a walk later that day I said “Jimmie lets take a look at Brandi’s teeth too”. Sure enough, she had a red inflamed gum around the top molar on the opposite side as last time. This time no surgery. We gave her paper doctor remedy for stimulating healing, and the red inflamed area was diminished within 2 hours and gone within 1 day. So much for placebo.

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