Remedies Home Made From Scratch

Since Tom first told us about the decagon and realizing remedies, our kitchen is our lab, and our remedies are potentized from water, salt, paper and black ink, and a ton of good intentions. Alison has been one of our main lab rats (outside ourselves) and she will testify as to the strength and integrity of what comes off our decagons. Vitamin K (65 mg), tissue salts, and Sanjeevini mega (a big mix of several remedies) are all mainstays in my daily regime, and all are self realized. I use my pendulum and the Hormesis Curve and several other dowsing charts to evaluate:

show me the vitamin that will most benefit me- vitamin k;  how much did vitamin k benefit last week- very beneficial; will it benefit me to take vitamin for another week- yes; show me the condition of my red chakra- over active;  balance the red chakra (use chakra balancing chart); now  show me the condition of my red chakra- in balance;  show me the tissue salt that will most help my  shoulders- mag phos- how many days shall I take it- 12; show me the present condition of my blood pressure-slightly high- balance blood pressure, and so on…

I’m starting to get more fluid and feel more confident in my dowsing and remedy making. Since there is no money in the budget for healthcare, supplements or medicine, we have become our own doctors, pharmacists, and manufacturers. Our lack of funds has been yet another force driving us forward. When you feel like it’s a matter of life or death that you get somewhere, you find yourself inventing the wheel!

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