Reaching Beyond Life

Kate was a special, one-of-a-kind friend. We met when I was 20- she was 17. We shared the same birthday, love of animals, and a cynical radical view of the world, as rebel young adults. I married and she married and each had our own very complicated lives. Contact lessened when I moved to Pittsburgh and subsequently divorced and remarried, but every so often on our birthday, one of us might get a surprise phone call from the other so we could keep up to speed on each others’ lives. I recall last talking to Kate sometime in 2003, just prior to a whole slew of personal issues that had ensued, and then lost contact.

Just prior to leaving Pittsburgh to return to L.A. in March of 2010, I tried to reach Kate but had lost her number. Wow, time had really flown by and I couldn’t believe it had been so long since we talked. Oh well- so much to do for the move- I’ll find her when I get to L.A.

Our move back home to Los Angeles (actually Jimmie’s first time here) brought a whole new bucket of challenges- most concerning my daughter Alison. Again, completely side tracked, I dismissed the thought of trying to reach Kate, and just put it on the back burner.

On January 24 of this year, just after our birthday had passed, I felt nostalgic and went to the internet to look up a current phone number for my dear friend Kate, who had now been out of my life for almost 9 years, but I could not find an address or a phone number for her or any reference to her at all. Now I being the master researcher I am, was not going to let it go that easily. I began to look for her friends or relatives- anyone who might have a line on her. I came across her husband Ron’s facebook, and read the recent postings on his wall. The most recent was dated January 17, 2012 and said “Katie’s birthday- still no stone but it will come”. Ah, found her! Still no stone…..what? Then I looked at the photo below. It looked like a picture of a plaque on some grass. The writing on the plaque was illegible, but, Oh my God- the caption under the photo said “Today would have been Katie’s 60th birthday R.I.P.” I felt numb and in shock. Below that was a farewell message to Kate from Wanda and one from Paul, 2 long time friends. How could this be? When did she die? How? Why? And why don’t I know about this? I began to search again- no obituary- went on to try to find her brother Barry, only to find that he had died in 2009 and there was no reference to Kate as a surviving sister. This meant she had died prior to 2009. I felt a strong need to talk to Kate and decided to dowse, to see if I could connect with her higher self. I wanted details.

We usually dowse at the dining room table facing north. Off to the side of the table is the piano, which has 6 framed family photos lined up along the back, 4 of them being of Alison, my mom and dad, and various other family members. The other 2 pictures are of me and Jimmie, and one of the 2 was taken at our wedding. About 10 feet away is my desk, where Jimmie was seated and watched as I sat down to dowse for Katie. I began with several test questions which let me know if I have connected with the right Katie. It seems I had. Ok now I’m connected, but what do I say? I was unprepared with questions and felt kind of stupid asking her about how and when she died, etc. I wrapped up the session pretty quickly and thanked God for allowing me to dowse. Just then, there was a crash- 2 of the pictures on the piano had fallen over- the 2 pictures of me and Jimmie. That’s odd- how did that happen, and why these 2 pictures? I stood the pictures up, and something drew me back to Ron’s facebook page with the photo of Kate’s grave marker. I thought to enlarge the picture so that I could read the text. Now I can read it- it says “Mount Sinai Memorial Park, May 10, 2004”, and a chill went down my back. Jimmie and I were married on May 10th. For all of you who loved her you may rest assured she is in a good place, because she told me so.

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  1. Paul Body
    Mar 25, 2012 @ 18:29:10

    A wonderful story about Kate. Just got back from Texas. Didn’t know that you shared birthdays with her. She would not have hooked with Ron, if not for you.