Stimulate Your Healing

My sister Susie has always been the athletic one- an exercise buff- opposite to me. If she isn’t swimming in the coral reefs on vacation, it’s boogie boarding at her home beach in Carlsbad, taking some 10 mile hike, or doing water aerobics at the Y, but it’s always something. She is now 67 and solid as a rock, but has a torn meniscus, probably due to years of wear and tear from constant activity. A few weeks ago, after well over a year of knee pain (or more), she opted for surgery to try to repair it, but 2 weeks after her surgery when she would be expecting to be feeling a lot better, she is still complaining that it does not seem fixed, and says her pain level is about 6. She is cycling but not really doing much walking. She sounds depressed because she is used to doing what she wants to do, and does not like the restrictions or pain this lame knee offers.

Jimmie a did brief study on the torn meniscus to get a mechanical understanding of what was going on. Turns out the meniscus is a hard to heal area due to lack of blood flow. Something to stimulate healing immediately came to mind. He gave me a list of various remedies that could be used and were most effective for a torn meniscus. First I charged Susie’s picture on the decagon for bio-resonance and to create a strong witness for dowsing. Then later I dowsed for what would be the most beneficial remedy for her knee condition- came up with rus tox. I also dowsed for the most beneficial tissue salt and came up with ferrum phos. Lastly, I read throughly about both remedies I had chosen, to verify that they did indeed cover Susie’s condition, which of course they did to a tee (rus tox= healing momentum and ferrum phos which is the #1 tissue salt addressing inflammation- (Hahnemann himself couldn’t have made a better pick). I also threw in some paper doctor patterns; resistance, physical injury, and stimulate your healing response. My sister doesn’t normally do my kind of medicine, but in this case she feels like shit and has nothing to loose, so she has agreed to take these remedies for a week and then let me know how she is feeling, but she has no idea how I came about selecting them.                                     I can’t wait to follow up and will keep you posted.

resistanceBusy Day-  I’m out of my Sanjeevini mega, so I’ll be making that today, as well as vitamin K, some tissue salts, and arcenicum for Jimmie. I’m broadcasting to Alison via digital radionics- “A.T. phone home”, and I’ll be checking in with Susie about her knee, just to make sure she is following the program, but my unsettled concern about Alison is always under the surface, regardless of how busy I may be. Yesterday, I was exceptionally depressed after not hearing from her again, and tried 3 paper doctor patterns; inner strength, lifted spirit, and worrying, none of which helped. I reached for my old friend ignatia (thank you Tom) and 1 pellet under the tongue kicked right in and pulled a layer of emotional pain right off. Hopefully I’ll get my call today, which would be the ultimate remedy.

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