Classic Torn Meniscus

On February 29th, I published an article called “Stimulate Your Healing”, regarding Susie’s torn meniscus, and I promised a follow up. Yesterday we spoke and when I asked her how she was, she gave me the familiar high pitched “well” which means, “I’m better and I can’t believe your shit works!”. Her pain level was down to a 3 (from a 6 on the 29th). She is taking rus tox, ferrum phos, and touching paper doctor physical injury and stimulate your healing. My skeptical sister thinks it’s a coincidence but agreed nothing she has tried thus far has worked, and she’s ready to try anything- even what she perceives to be wack. She agreed to use what I ‘prescribed’, but is unaware I chose the remedies using my pendulum. Today she shared a little more information about her knee. First of all she has arthritis, and secondly, her knee pain/torn meniscus originated from a 4 year old injury- a wrenched her knee. Her knees hurt going down steps. I immediately know she needs a chiropractic knee adjustment but she’s petrified to even entertain the thought, so I have to find another way. I think for now I’ll work on the torn meniscus and arthritis, and perhaps her knee will naturally go back in place as we reduce swelling, mend tissue, and lubricate. I’m going to have her continue on the same program, and add Sanjeevini patterns for inflamation, injury, pain, RAG (rheumatism, arthritis, gout), and scar and scar tissue. No need to dowse for this. Preparing the Sanjeevini remedy requires a sincere prayer be said, and you can potentize virtually anything with the power of these patterns. Rather then potentize something and send it to her, I decided to broadcast to her. I took a small picture of Susie to use as a witness, and potentized a small peppermint candy with the patterns, then placed the candy on the broadcast side of the chart. We will see if she reports any improvement, or a minty and refreshing feeling! Just as I began broadcasting, Jimmie reminded me that mint can antidote homeopathy, so I quickly removed the candy, re-potentized some water, and resumed transmitting.

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