Trusting The Universe And The Power Of Attraction

Another miracle. I picked Alison up 2 nights ago and brought her to a beautiful home in Fullerton CA, where she will safely and comfortably have a 10 day medical detox, thank God (and Dorothy for paying, and Patti for working with me and loving Alison from the gate). Alison has been a heroin addict for almost 7 years, has a co-occuring disorder, and is a chronic relapser with many bouts of rehab under her belt.  Now I have 10 days to find a place to transition Alison, although my deepest desire is to keep her where she is.  Dorothy was adamant about her only staying 10 days, and then transferring her to a sub standard under-staffed free county facility where treatment is nil to none, and the model is jail. Patti knows that Alison has the highest propensity to succeed if she stays where she is now, and will get to work on Dorothy in a minute.

We are programed and trained to plan and prepare, as mature, sensible and responsible adults. We make a plan, like it or not, and then we always prepare a back-up plan as well, just in case, and maybe even a 2nd back-up plan, if it is regarding an important matter. But since I now know that the law of attraction will bring to me what I think, plan, visualize, and stress over, how can I put thought, time, and effort into planning Alison’s transfer, when it is absolutely what I don’t want to happen. This is a huge dilemma, because the programed responsible mother in me says- ‘line up a place in case Mom won’t let her stay’, but the universal soul in me says ‘have absolute certainty that Mom will come around and agree to let Alison stay where she is, and think and plan for only that, and have no other thoughts or actions to the contrary’. Yesterday I dowsed and asked if Dorothy will end up letting her stay and it said “yes”. Shall I go against what I was programmed to do all my life, and simply not prepare for anything but for Alison to stay where she is, or should I dutifully and conventionally prepare the plan I do not want to transpire? This is my daughter’s life we are talking about, sooooo, I think I’ll abandon my old ways, and trust the universe and law of attraction.

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