Living In The Moment

I was way ahead of myself with thoughts and fears, and it took Patti to remind me “stay in the moment”. Getting stuck in the past is unhealthy and unproductive. Sure we learn from the past, but don’t stay there. It’s all here in the moment.

Yesterday Patti took Alison for reflexology to sweat out some of the poison ( not to mention purge toxins out of the kidneys and liver), which she did. I know my daughter is in healing and loving hands and thank the powers that be, for allowing her even this much time where she is.

About 6 or more months ago, Jimmie got a quartz crystal pendulum for Alison too (the dowsing family!) but before he gave it to her, he charged it with universal power and also bio-resonance with himself. She of course is a natural dowser because she is so universally open. She was still wearing her “poor man’s diamond” Saturday night when we picked her up for detox which we were both delighted to see. She might even be using it for all I know, and I hope she is, as dowsing to me is a necessary life skill that I wish I would have taught her when she was 8, along with astrology and of course, Kabbalah. We are in the moment, and the moment is good.


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  1. thependulist
    Mar 09, 2012 @ 03:55:48

    It’s scary and risky to say these things, but i do, hoping people like you will read and connect.