Long Distance Healing

Miss D is a 47 year old single mother of 3 adult children, who works full time, and has also gone back to school. She is recently divorced and money is tight. Presently she lives with one of her daughters (and daughter’s boyfriend) but is looking to move out. In addition to all the above mentioned stresses, Miss D is also in the market for a car. She has been complaining of headaches and vomiting, but does not present as having a flu.

Jimmie is co-worker of Miss D, knew these particulars about her, and offered to try to help. First, intake. When we started discovering and reading about astrology and natural healing, we read somewhere “No physician is worth his salt if he doesn’t use astrology.” Jimmie now always uses it as a first stop to the intake process, and found that Miss D was a Libra, which rules the kidneys, and is an air sign/ it’s quality, which corresponds to thoughts- the head. Libra has Aries as an aspect, and Aires rules the head. Aries people are known to get angry and get headaches. Now that we understand characteristics of her sign and how they may affect her health, it’s time to dowse to see what remedy will most benefit Miss D’s headache and upset stomach. It was remedy #1. Remedy #1 is aconite and now the picture is coming clear. All the fear, stress, and anxiety that she is feeling, just screams out aconite. The pendulum choose 1M in strength, which Jimmie will realize and broadcast. (Much faster than waiting until Saturday when he sees her to give her a live dose). Now since he left for work, I had to dowse to see if it was time to take Miss D off the decagon- 1m is strong and we didn’t want to aggravate. It said to take her off and that she didn’t need anymore. I asked how much she benefited from the broadcast- it said +4, which he will confirm with her later. Good job Jimmie. This was a beautiful fusion of astrology, homeopathy, dowsing (which, by the way is a completely different modality than homeopathy), and potentizng.

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