Classic Dog Upset Stomach

I have lots of healing success stories about Brandi, but here is a recent one;  Brandi has had an ongoing stomach thing since last night that I have seen often in other dogs, and Brandi has had this condition before, as well. It sounds like a growling or squeaky gurgling, almost like an empty stomach might sound, but it is not because of lack of food. It’s that classic kind of sour stomach that makes a dog want to eat grass.

She didn’t eat her breakfast, and did not respond to nux vomica, which would normally settle her right down. Jimmie dowsed for a remedy- Aethusa cynapium 1m was chosen. We looked it up (never heard of this remedy or used it before) and found that Aethusa cynapium is a European weed, commonly known as Fool’s parsley. (Chefs have been using parsley as an edible garnish on plates as long as I’ve been eating in restaurants, and it is because parsley is known to aid digestion). The characteristic symptoms of the Aethusa patient relate mainly to the brain and nervous system, connected with gastro-intestinal disturbance, and both Jimmie and I had noticed an occasional disorientation Brandi had been displaying over the past few days, in addition to the queezy stomach. This remedy is also used for a disturbance due to milk intolerance.

We were up early with the dog- it takes 2 hours to potentize a remedy (You can check out Ruggero Moretto who has a YouTube video on the process, or take his course, free, on radionics- go to, so while the remedy was on the cooker (decagon) Brandi has been laying on paper doctor ‘stimulate your healing’ which calmed down the stomach noises, but she still didn’t touch her breakfast. 2 hours passed and I gave her a dose of the Aethusa and waited. I walked into the kitchen to get my coffee, and Brandi followed and sat nicely in her “may I have a cookie’ pose. I gave her a dog biscuit, which she took gingerly and put down. I picked it up and handed it to her again. This time she ate it! Wow. That was about 10 minutes ago, and as I type, I can hear Brandi in the kitchen, chomping on her morning kibble, which she finally has the appetite to eat. Jimmie asked his higher self to choose the remedy that would most help Brandi’s stomach, through dowsing. Then, using paper, black ink, and salt water, the remedy was potentzied on a decagon. After administering the remedy- one dose, the dog ate her breakfast and showed no further distress what-so-ever. We never left the house or spent a dime. Once again this dog has been cured solely with our good intentions. I’ve got the pot of gold at the end of the universal rainbow- need I say more?

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