New Addiction Treatment In Orange County

Oh, did I tell you, Alison is back in treatment- we picked her up yesterday and returned her to John. She is volunteerily making a 1 year commitment to treatment, and I think we have a God send. This time we will detox her more slowly and her program will be intenser than any addiction specialist had ever realized necessary. Dorothy seems more on board financially, after hearing from all sides just how high a level of need my daughter has. I do believe Alison is in a nurturing and loving environment that will give her intensive cognitive treatment with the strict parameters she needs.

Jimmie dowsed and found that Alison needed Sanjeevini ‘thought management’ for 27 days. We put her witness (spit in an amber bottle) directly on the pattern, and we are now broadcasting. We also potentized a bottle of nux vomica with the ‘thought management’ pattern and gave it to her for her upset stomach, which she has with her.

The clasp to her chain broke and she lost her crystal pendulum. This accounts for my conflicting answers as to her location Sunday through Thursday. First I got LA, but later I got Orange County. Jimmie got Orange County when he dowsed too. I think the lost pendulum(which was highly charged before originally giving it to her) was sending out bio-resonance  that was confusing the issue for both of us. My skills still need a lot of work!

So I dowsed to look for the current condition of my daughter.  I use a scale of one to ten for the positive side , and one to minus ten for the negative side;

  • what is Alison’s overall condition? -3  (not too bad, considering)
  • what is Alison’s heroin craving level? -6  (rather severe)
  • thought management level? -2 (not too bad)
  • thought management improvement? +4 (wow, that means she was at a -6)
  • desire to stay or leave? +3 (wants to stay- somewhat- that’s good)

I’m happy with her status now, and can finally sleep through the night again.

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