Sai Sanjeevini Prayer Patterns For Asthma

Jimmie has had asthma as long as he can remember. It was not unusual as a kid for him to carry an inhaler as a part of his gear, and he remembers the feeling of breathlessness and trying to keep up while laboring on only half the air everyone else was able to take in. He liberally took prescription medicines from Isuprel to Albuteral containing steroids, and extremely costly on a month to month basis-  I can’t even imagine the long term damage to his body.

In his 20’s he discovered herbs (coltsfoot tea for asthma breaks up all the phlegm) and in his 30’s, homeopathy. The supreme discovery was A. Vogels Pollinosans, which he has used for over 10 years to fully control his asthma. A. Vogels is a well respected Swedish company- makes healthy bread and a full array of homeopathic remedies. They used to call it A. Vogels Asthma Remedy (which includes cardiospermimum) but got in trouble for claiming to address asthma, so now they call it by a different name and say it’s for allergies, and we could only find it in Canada last time I looked.

Yesterday, Jimmie tried an experiment (you’ve heard that before!). He had been wheezing slightly for several days- nothing big- just an annoying chest wheeze with some air restriction, but then suddenly it exacerbated and he found himself thinking about reaching for a Vogels. Instead, he decided to try the Sanjeevini pattern for asthma, as we have been having great success with these patterns lately. He made up a glass (only takes 15 seconds and a sincere prayer) and got immediate relief from the first sip. Over the next 20 minutes, Jimmie sipped down the water and by the time it was all gone, the level of relief was so great, he couldn’t get over it, and has been marveling about it for 2 days! In India, they actually have Sanjeevini hospitals treating everything from herpes to heart issues, and many conditions we all need balancing, such as greed, forgiveness, lust, ego, honesty, and Dhama, which means ‘ right conduct’, and definitely  what I meant to be teaching my daughter all along.

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