Remedy L.A.- Another Way of Potentizing

When we moved from Pittsburgh 2 years ago, the urban air took getting adjusted to, as the pollution is much worse here in L.A., and it’s dry, not humid. Jimmie thought to make a remedy out of the L.A. air, to antidote the smog and pollution we have been breathing. Simple- just place a small amber bottle outside to collect air. Leave it there a few weeks. Now bring in the bottle of air, add water, and succuss to 6c (which is a way of shaking the remedy to make it vibrate and ‘come alive’), and voila, Remedy L.A.  I  took a drop under my tongue, and in less than a minute I inadvertently coughed up some phlegm I didn’t even realize was sitting in my chest. Jimmie, who has asthma, felt an immediate relief in his lungs. Likewise, remedies can be potentized from personal samples (hair, spit, fingernail) to try to antidote whatever the condition of the day is. I plan to try an experiment by potentizing some intentions, such as ‘improved fitness’, ‘patience’, ‘remove frozen shoulder pain’, ‘success for daughter’ and so forth. This can be done according to the following;

• write your intention on a piece of white paper, using black ink and all capitals
• dip the paper in some salt water and let it dry
• all the while you are affirming your intention mentally
• when the paper has dried, place it on a decagon where there is plenty of light
• take a crystal glass with some water in it (not salt water) and place on decagon for 2 hours

You may store remedy water by placing it in an sterile amber bottle with a drop of grain alcohol to preserve.

If any of my readers are making remedies from scratch in this manor, I’d love to hear the twists and spins you have on the process!

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