The Decision To Home School

I have mentioned this before but now I’m going to expand on it…we teach our kids the wrong things in school and program them incorrectly from the gate. I myself have had to re-think my processes- how is my energy? What am I attracting and why? Am I giving or getting? Where is my ego in all this? Is this for man or is this for God?

If there is one job available, and I and my neighbor both want it/need it, what then? A hollow victory to see my neighbor loose in my triumph or vise versa. We are taught to compete with our brothers- we are taught to plan for times of misery (thus, undoubtedly attracting it). It’s a task to loose these behaviors and life styles. Today if I have to make a hard decision, I dowse and get my answer without stewing over it for days, and I’m not employed thus didn’t take anyone’s job! It took me a life time to figure out that capitalism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and shedding the old ways is necessary for the growth I’m looking for.

If I had it to do over again I would home school my daughter, or start a small neighborhood school of parents who thought like me (if there were any). Here is a sample of the curriculum at Madeleine’s School, with science and history woven into every subject;

morning prayer/meditation
yoga, dance, gym, or urban nature walk
dowsing and radionics
earth preservation- green living
literature and self expression
Tzedakah (charity)
musical instrument and fine arts
sacred geometry
healing arts
dhama (‘right’ conduct)
urban farming (including hydroponics)

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