All In A Day’s Healing

We keep a red plastic case of amber bottles filled with samples (spit, hair, nails), Sanjeevini mega mixes and such. It makes it easy and convenient to put forth a healing action. I usually make up Sanjeevini mega mix water for myself every week, and just take a sip daily, storing the ‘master’ bottle in the red plastic case. Samples can be placed on healing patterns and can be broadcasted  Our dining room table is an extension of our lab.   What’s on the menu today?

  • Broadcast ‘heal frozen shoulders’ using written intention and my witness (sample in amber bottle) on Ruggerio’s radionic circuit #23, energetic potential increase.
  • Broadcast Sanjeevini ‘thought management’ to Alison via sample on pattern
  • Make Sanjeevini UT function for Jimmie
  • Read about shrinking the tumor on Brandi’s back
  • Dowse for the remedy that will most benefit my night leg cramps and then potentize it
  • Get off my lazy ass and take Brandi for a long walk

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