Life After Detox

We are members of an exclusive club- Addiction Mamas, as I call us. We are the mothers of the addicts of every substance, it matters not. We have to live with the mistakes we made to get them to such a place, and try to right the wrongs of society which keeps working against recovery with it’s double messages and templates for success which don’t include real unity.

My daughter is like a cat- she has 9 lives and always lands on her feet, and maybe that’s why we call her El Tigre! She is gorgeous, radiates charm, and smart as hell with cosmic smarts, the kind that really count. She has amazing survival skills. She could be milking cows on a substance abuse program ‘working farm’ in Wisconsin, or at a very humble and strict place in Texas, or in jail, but she got the condo by the sea! Oh, did I mention that another client there (a very generous one) bought her an outfit for court, since living on the streets had taken it’s toll on her wardrobe. Khaki linen pants with a chiffon blouse and a white cardigan with Coach loafers.

  Then he bought her a golf outfit and Nikes- seems she’s got quite a swing and is playing in a charity golf tournament next week. Who would have thought? A posh lunch and a $68 cigar later, I would say Alison has settled in.Just a month ago I wouldn’t think to leave the house without forwarding calls to my cell phone, in fear of missing her call, and just in general had a pit in my stomach at all times. I have often used, amongst many other things, the Sai Sanjeevini ‘forgiveness’ pattern, because holding on to anger and pain, and not forgiving, is a root cause to illness or ‘imbalance’ and is surely part of my daughter’s problem, as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have her on a complete, well rounded program as this would require both her cooperation and presence and participation. For now, it’s a chart here, a remedy there, and the treatment program she is in. She knows what we do here in the lab, and gladly gives us a spit sample in an amber bottle to do with whatever healing we deem necessary. We also frequently use a digital radionics program, where you can insert a picture (say, Alison), a wish, “A.T. phone home” then a rate is calculated, and a pattern appears along with the vibrational tone. Now we are broadcasting, and oh, what’s that? Ding-a-ling-a-ling, “Hi Mom…”., and now I know she is safe and can sleep better tonight-  thank you, Universe.


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    amen to God and the universe…

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    Amen to God and the universe!!