Homeopathy- The New Hope

I recently came across an online book describing desperate parents with violent aggressive kids- kids who have been that way all their lives, despite excellent parenting, advantages, etc. It goes on to talk about the difficulty living with these kinds of kids, and the dedicated doctors who are using drastic drugs. Then comes the part about homeopathy and how it can be used- it’s the new hope for treating defiance and aggression. Although not a panacea, it can be a viable solution for handling both emotional and behavioral problems.


Here is the link;   http://books.google.com/booksid=OXVGCQhsH5cC&pg=PA34&lpg=PA34&dq=homeopathic+remedy+for+lacking+remorse&source=bl&ots=lzG8EDwLYW&sig=h1JIDjvD9q7ZzttZI3jHKyYwd3U&hl=en&sa=X&ei=0FdyT7CjEMiIiAKD_O29AQ&ved=0CCcQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q&f=false

Reflecting back, I know that if I had used homeopathy 20 years ago my daughter’s life would have played out differently, and then again, so would have mine. After the way she spoke to me today on the phone, I would recommend she take the following;

• platina metallicum- often used by those who have a feeling of entitlement

• lycopodium-  to curb anger and selfishness

• tobacium- for cravings

lac humanum- when the patient had poor bonding, is unsympathetic and indifferent, and has the delusion of being neglected

I even saw on eBay, for $15.95, a product called “Homeopathic Remedy for Tolerance, Forgiveness, Compassion, Sympathy, and Acceptance”, and I think we need to add this one to the world’s water supply!

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