The Ongoing Dowsing Experiments

My life anymore feels like one experimental continuum. I enjoy the challenge of trying to get a stalled car started, turning off a blaring alarm, or settling down 2 people arguing in the street- all with my mind or my gaze. Days once spent calling rehabs or lawyers as ‘an addiction mama’, or holding down a completely meaningless job, have been transformed into days filled with reading, blogging, making remedies, dowsing, broadcasting, and, I do believe, making a difference.

The air conditioning in my car still felt weak- it had improved some (residual from all the healing vibes we were sending out) but still not up to snuff. I wanted it running nice and chilly before any real hot weather hit. Alison and Jimmie both agreed we either needed a shot of freon, or something. During this time we had been reading some interesting stores about some other amazing things that could be done with the pendulum, so I decided to try an experiment.

I took my pendulum to the car and asked it to balance the a/c and restore it to it’s original strength. It circled clockwise several times (this is my pendulum thinking, searching, balancing), and then from center to forward, which is the ‘yes’- I have my pendulum programed to show me the ‘yes’ when it is finished. Remember, the pendulum is a beacon to the cosmos collecting information obtained by my higher self, which is universal. I can honestly say the car a/c now works just as well as it used to and have not thought about it needing freon again. My new habits and activities have saved me tons of money this year and I’ve been having so much fun doing it!

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