No Coincidences

In the past we were taught that disease or conditions were either passed through airborne germs, body fluids, or genes. I have now come to know that symptoms can occur after dowsing or after other forms of healing that involves opening yourself up, and also between husband or wife somehow in a way that I haven’t quite figured out, or can’t articulate just yet. Jimmie has been experiencing leg cramps and hip pain all of a sudden, mirroring mine.  Since there are no coincidences, and no apparent reason for this to suddenly crop up, I do believe he has taken on some of my symptoms.  I recently read about a man who had symptoms of pregnancy while his wife was expecting. Then I read about a woman who said she was very in tune with her husband, and she had recently been diagnosed with MS.  Soon she noticed her husband experiencing brain fog, and cognitive and coordination issues, similar to her symptoms.
I also noticed Jimmie’s kidney stone attack came directly after trying to heal a friend with a history of kidney stones, and UT problems after trying to heal his mom who had UT problems. And then there is the amazing story I often reference about trying to ease and remove the pain of heroin withdrawals from Alison using my pendulum, and ended up sick as a dog myself.

Yesterday I dowsed and found out that Chimaphila umbellata would work on Jimmie’s UT problems and also help the leg cramps and hip pain so I potentized some 30c, and made a Sanjeevini mix using the following patterns; UT kidney/ stones, pain, blockages, and sciatica, which gives him immediate relief when sipping while under the siege of an attack.  He also carries a mini paper doctor device he invented, using the pain pattern inserted in a refrigerator magnet, which also provides great relief. He had tried Asarum, which is what I use for my legs cramps, but to no benefit.  Different person, different remedy.

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