Visiting My Daughter In Rehab

Friday we drove down to the seaside home where Alison will be for the next year. She’s been getting by for months on only a duffle bag full of clothes and no dryer for her hair, which by now is almost streaming down to her waist. It was a huge relief for her to get tank tops and underwear, shoes, jackets, cosmetics and dryer, jeans and sweats, and a bathing suit for going on ‘the boat’ this weekend. I also brought her favorite ‘platique’ which are succulent arrangements I make with water as the growing medium, various cuttings, and of course, ground quartz crystals.

I must comment on what I saw of the house which, first of all, is in walking distance of the beach (1 block). The kitchen was actually bigger than my whole apartment, and the center island alone was bigger than my back porch, with the floors and counter tops all decked out in granite and marble. I’m not sure how many bedrooms were upstairs, but there were 2 stairways leading there.

My daughter is now the house chef and also in charge of helping new clients get oriented. Giving is one of the best and fundamental ways of healing, and if you are going to put in a year, why not make it in the lap of luxury?


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  1. iamgirl10
    Apr 02, 2012 @ 15:23:42

    Way to go alison!! I am sohappy 4 all of u

  2. Carol Vose
    Apr 02, 2012 @ 16:31:25

    How did you find this place for your daughter? How does a person get in? How is it paid for? Does this program accept male 28 year-olds? We live in Maine.
    Carol Vose