Increase Flower’s Life With Pendulum Balance

Last week I had the pleasure of cooking lunch for my mom, who came over to visit. Dorothy is the 88 year old matriarch of the family- sharp as a tack, healthy as an ox, still drives, and handles all her own investments and affairs. A true Cancer crab (July birthday like Jimmie)- a little tough on the outside but soft on the inside! The word that comes to mind when I think of my mom is ‘remarkable’. She is also a doubting Thomas, quite opposite to me, but I still have fun trying to open her up to different things, for instance, I showed her some of Dr. Emoto’s photos on frozen water and explained his experiments. She clearly did not believe that singing to water could change it’s formation. Without argument, I went on to tell her about “The Secret Life Of Plants” and the amazing experiments done measuring the reactions of plants. The reaction of plants could be measured when a human was thinking “I’m going to cut off one of your flowers”. A flight attendant had plants whose reaction could be measured each time her flight returning home touched down.

Dorothy brought me a bouquet of exquisite home grown roses in full bloom when she came for lunch.  As you can see, she has a green thumb. She told me they would last 3 days. Upon her departure, I took out my pendulum and balanced the roses and asked them to stay radiantly in bloom for more than a week. I also told them I admired their extreme beauty, and for each day after for the past week, I’ve been singing to them “You are so beautiful to me” and I must admit I have thrown them a kiss or 2.

The roses that were predicted to last 3 days, have now lasted 6 days, and are going strong.  I have taken a photo chronology as well, so that you can see the daily sustaining health and beauty of these roses, from day 1 until day 6.

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