A Long Way From A Paradigm Shift

I am soooo excited. Kay is purchasing some homeopathic remedies for her son, who like Alison, suffers from heroin addiction. He is in a different rehab than my daughter, has been complaining of anxiety, and wants a Valium.  Now, I know of the calming effects of many homeopathic remedies first hand (ignatia being my personal favorite), and suggested a homeopathic alternative to the Valium he has been given in the past, and also for Kay to try  instead of the Xanax she herself relies to ease her nerves first thing every morning.

This ‘experiment’ is a long way from a paradigm shift, but it is certainly a start.  I think I hit a nerve when I spoke out about the double messages society gives addicts about drugs, forbidding them on one hand, and prescribing them on the other. “Guilty” she said. “I’m a guilty parent”, and I quickly transitioned into new ways to deal with the same old problem.

And now it’s time to do some healing for the beach crowd. First John (rehab owner)- stretched, stressed, and all over the map. Gotta love him- passionate about changing addict’s lives with a very personal touch, which I think is very good for Alison.  He is going to get a Geo Touch Pad for stress, which Jimmie and I invented.  It’s a paper doctor pattern for stress inserted in a 2″ x 4″ refrigerator magnet- easy to touch any time he feels stressed or anxious. I’d like to give him the Sanjeevini for high blood pressure, but first things first- he hardly knows or trusts me yet.

Miss Alison gets arcenicum-  1m. She has been complaining about her stomach, which has naturally always been her weak and troublesome area and even more so now that she does not have heroin to temporarily settle it.  Jimmie dowsed for the most beneficial remedy for her. We have always used nux vomica for her in the past, as she is very much the “nux warrior” but this time the pendulum chose arcenicum, made from arcenic, which in large doses would wreck your stomach, if not kill you, but in infinitesimal doses will alleviate said, not to mention arcenicum covering a lot of other things Alison needs. A live dose rather than broadcasting was recommended, but because of the circumstances, Jimmie has been broadcasting the arcenicum he potentized, for 2 days.  As far as rehab’s using homeopathy, it is rare-   I did see 1 rehab in Southern California (a different sea-side rehab)  who advertised using homeopathic opium but at the time it was so far out of reach I never inquired.

I’ll be following Kay and her son, and John, and of course Alison, and let you know the outcome of each, oh, ding-a-ling-a-ling                                                     “Hi Mom, Happy Easter- my stomach is starting to feel better…

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