Care Package With A Twist

I haven’t heard from Kay but I’m dying to know how Mikie is responding to the homeopathy she got for his nerves and anxiety. It’s a delicate situation because we are both addiction mamas and do like to compare notes on some things, and also to keep tabs on the kids, her’s and mine, but still have a cautious distance we need to keep, cause Mikie and Alison do not make good choices when they are together, and separation is a necessary component of the recovery of each, so we mind our calls and pray that neither gets the dreaded  “he left’ or ‘she left” call.  But I think not, for my girl this time. I somehow feel she is firmly planted in recovery and knows whoever she chooses to be with must be in the same, if not better, place.

I am grateful that Alison so easily accepted dowsing, broadcasting, realizing, and still sleeps on her healing note, ‘D.’  Mikie on the other hand says “Oh Mom, that stuff doesn’t work on me”, when Kay has, in the past, tired to substitute prescription drugs with homeopathy. I am hopeful that knowing Alison uses it will be an strong external motivator for his giving it a chance. Now that the heroin is almost a month gone, homeopathy can actually getting through to him. How selfish could I be to only consider Alison.

My daughter has been very receptive to the arcenicum we have been broadcasting this time around. I am also putting together a ‘care’ package- one unlike any I have ever sent her before. A care package might have in the past contained treats, money, a good movie on DVD, or something along those lines. My care package today consists of;

• a basic dowsing wheel with numbers, letters, levels, and of course, the ‘yes’ and the ‘no’

• a dowsing chart for balancing chakras

• a few small quartz crystals

• a decagon- a must, when ‘realizing’

• and an interesting article by Rav Laitman

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