A Great Day For A Hard Rain

We brought a little Pittsburgh weather with us when we came from the east coast 2 years ago. It never rains in California?  I beg to differ… We had a long, cold hard Southern California rain yesterday, and the morning air today was unusually crisp and chill. It’s a blessed day, because Alison is safe and warm, determined and outspoken, and 31 days clean. It can rain all day, and I don’t have to worry if she is cold or warm or if she ate, or if she’s breathing. It can thunder and lightening and clouds can cover the sun, and the wind can howl, but I care not.   I just heard her voice not an hour ago. “Hi Mom, I’m a little annoyed (that’s my Alison) but I’m doing great…

I didn’t ask about her stomach, and she didn’t mention it either, so I’m guessing it is better. Still, a live dose of arcenicum is in the mail en route to “the condo” where Alison resides by the sea. Family therapy has not been mentioned recently, but I am here and ready anytime it is suggested and maybe she wasn’t the one thinking about it for us, anyhow. Passover is finished and this year we were passed over, thank God.

I wonder if John tried the Geo Touch stress pad, and I wonder if Mikie took the homeopathic calming remedy, or if Kay did- Mikie’s 30 day program is over and he is going to out patient tomorrow, which to me is too soon, but this is apparently how it has to be. I, myself, am still relentlessly working on my frozen shoulders and sore feet, which never seem to budge no matter what I do. Typically, I can look at others and summarize the problem and the solution, but when it comes to me, I can only deal well with the acute- my ongoing conditions remain, and at best, I’m not getting any worse.

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