Making Parenting Changes With Dowsing

I was chatting with one of my readers today (see comments for Terror Of The Ringing Telephone).  She was confused about all that I do, and I understand where she is at- she just needs someone or something to provide that one missing link, and then she will make the paradigm shift.  It took me years, but she is of a younger generation and by virtue of that alone makes her already light years ahead of where I was at her age, and she’s probably just on the brink of ‘grasping’ it.  I often now say  “If I just knew then what I know today…”.  As we learn in Kabbalah, ‘everything in it’s time’…

I’d like to think that I am putting the things I have learned to practical use because I, being a Capricorn, am very practical.  Here is an example of how I have changed …

old ways;

  • relying on professionals to decide what is best for me or my family
  • sending my kid to the shrink
  • fostering a competitive spirit
  • working hard at a job I don’t like thinking I might get a retirement plan out of it

new ways;

  • asking  my pendulum when faced with uncertainty
  • partnering with the professionals I engage
  • sending my kid to the homeopathist regardless of the nature of the ‘imbalance’
  • being a good listener and not judging
  • downsizing-  God will provide

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