The Sweat Lodge After Detox

Yesterday I got a call from Alison saying she and her group were going to a Native American sweat lodge that evening. I had heard about James Ray, a New Age Guru, who accidently killed someone by making them stay too long in a sweat lodge, but I didn’t mention this to her. I just ‘suggested’ that if she felt too hot and had to leave before the others, to do so. She agreed and that was that.

This morning I got a call “Hi Mom, I had another life changing experience…” and she told me all about it, ‘yellow’ sweat and all.

It does seem that Alison is going through some life-changing experiences and not just going through the motions as has been done in the past. We who have had the challenge and privilege of going through change (and/or making that paradigm shift), know that it can take great effort and I applaud my daughter for 37 days clean.

FYI- Sweat is a great way to release and purge toxins and I think every addict goes through a lot of sweating during the detox process. For any of you out there still detoxing, try making some 1m aconite water and sipping throughout the day. It’s the number 1 remedy for panic attacks and the DT’s.  Reflexology is another great way to remove toxins from the body through the normal exit- the feet, and, it feels good!

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