Sick From Chem Trails

Today is the first day in about 6, that I have felt even half like myself. About a week ago, I saw a chem trail, like a snake lazily working it’s way across the sky in an S pattern, and the next day I woke up early (6 am) with a sore throat and what felt like a cold coming on. I immediately jumped up and took an aconite 30c and went back to bed. Aconite is the first remedy of choice for the sudden onset of an illness, but usually never the last. When I got up for the day an hour later, I felt slightly better but could still feel the sore throat in the back of my nose. I was in no mood to get sick and decided to hit hard. Jimmie has had recent success with Sai Sanjeevini patterns for acute symptoms, so I printed off the ‘sore throat’ pattern, made a remedy juice and sipped it all morning pretty much quelling it. With a new burst of energy, I went about the rest of my day feeling I had done a good job in averting a bigger illness. Wrong, well, yes I managed to get rid of the sore throat, but everything else came tumbling down and by 4 pm I was feeling sick all over and very fussy and agitated and returned to bed.

By dusk I started what was to become an hourly event- throwing up. When a loved one is violently ill it is very disconcerting and hard to stay calm and focused on healing but that’s exactly what Jimmie did- I was close to delirious. First he put my sample on a Ruggerio chart for viral states. Then he dowsed and his pendulum selected aconite 1m (which would have been the correct dose to take at the onset rather than the 30c) but he questioned the accuracy of the dose selection based on what he thought were prior teachings and kept me on aconite 30c which just wasn’t cutting it. Then on to belladona, for sudden and violent onset, but with no relief on my part. We also tried arcenicum which is a great selection for food poisoning, with no result. By 4 am I was in desperate condition after violently vomiting dozens of times and having gone through a array of remedies Jimmie dropped an aconite 1m under my tongue, and voila, that was the end of the vomiting. I have been touching paper doctor ‘stimulate your healing’ and also taking gelsemium for energy, and just now coming back to myself.

Interesting that I did knock out the sore throat but should have been treating the ‘whole’ picture it this case. What we realized in retrospect is;

1. When in doubt, trust your pendulum, and

2.  We should have used good old influenzinum or Tom’s super flu and either probably would have drastically cut down my time hanging over the toilet.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

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