Genetically Modified Food

What if I told you Monsanto has fused Hepatitis C vaccines, plastic, and human DNA and much much more, into corn, soy beans, and many other agricultural products and have been doing this, literally unchecked, for over 2 decades. Monsanto’s goal is to own patents for all seed and virtually control the agriculture of the planet by destroying all crops and vegetation that are not of their genetically modified seeds.A move of power like I have never before seen. Oh yes, animals too, have been genetically modified, perhaps to grow faster or bigger, by God know’s who.  A chicken is no longer a chicken- it may have human DNA or some other weird gene in it to make it plump and juicy. and here’s how they look… Ewwwwww.    It makes you not want to eat. And the FDA lets this go on without mandatory labeling- nothing- why? Because some of them are on the  Monsanto or  Big Agra payroll, or formerly worked for them. They’re all in bed together and the world is getting sick from this diabolical practice. Farmers in India are committing suicide after using GM crops. Read all about it…

Genitically modified crops and the insecticides used on them have been directly linked to kidney failure and birth defects.

And here is something else disgusting about Monsanto I just stumbled upon- in a nutshell they are threatening to sue any state that tries to pass a labeling law, and in the U.S. and Canada, Monsanto has sued more than 150 farmers and threatened thousands of others, for refusing to pay for “intellectual property theft” after their fields were contaminated by Monsanto’s patented genetically engineered crops.  OMG what can we safely feed our families- how can we be sure?


Some sad reading but very scary and informative at the same time. Please support mandatory labeling of genetically modified food.

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