The Rehab Support Team

Sippin Arnold Palmers.  Yep- that’s what we did yesterday- me, Alison, Grandma, John and Patti. After all, she’s gonna be there a year, and we needed to get a few things straight, so we had a superb lunch by the beach house, ironed out some of the communication  wrinkles and such, and formed the “treatment alliance”, comprised of me and Grandma, John and Patti, plus Jack, the therapist.

No decision or changes regarding Alison’s treatment is to be made without the alliance being consulted. This way Alison does not feel like any one person is running her show, and I loved the idea and she is good with it too. What I think is important for Alison is;

  • supervision- prevent is better than cure
  • treatment- one on one therapy
  • consistency- keep it going for a year

Today we drove home from the beach and I felt satisfied and at peace. Again, Patti had the best advice- she said “ We don’t dwell on the problem- we focus on the solution”, and that is what I call living in the moment. Whatever it is I may not like about her rehab is made up tenfold by the passion for recovery John and Patti have and the personal interest they show my daughter. They are the glue that keeps her where she is. I love this place for her.

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