A Necessary Ingredient- Luck

My Mom said (in the car yesterday with Patti and myself) “You’ve gotta have luck in this world”.   She went on to say that her good luck was a wonderful mother and father. Patti hummed and hawed a bit but never really said what her good luck was, other than she seemed to have gotten some. It was my turn. “I feel lucky that universal elements were revealed to me, that I can recognize and use for myself and for others, spiritually and metaphysically.”   Silence, and then “Sooo how long have you had this beautiful car Patti” said Dorothy, and we switched gears to small talk. Accumulating large sums of money has never been my gift but that is not to say I haven’t been given many others that I cherish and could never put a price tag on. Anyhow, I don’t believe in just random luck, per se. I believe that;

  • We attract what we obsess over, good or bad
  • There are no coincidences and all events are in the cards and in the stars
  • Everything comes from Him

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