Calling All Capricorns

Jimmie has long been incorporating astrology and health, and I am just catching up and realizing it’s place in the forefront of both diagnosis and treatment. I am a die-hard Capricorn, and am just getting to know exactly who I am, why I am sick, and how to go about treating the conditions.

If you are a Capricorn, see if any of the following fits you;

• over concerned with the material world
• work hard with purpose- slow and plotting, yet will end up winning the race
• controls feelings- inability to release emotions- frozen limbs- inhibited movement
• dental problems- problems with knees and bones
• possible skin allergies
• wants the power not the lime light
• over-enthusiastic, argumentative with fixed principles and ideas- desire to persuade others- incensed by injustices
• come into their own later in life (late bloomers)
• runs on nervous energy

That pretty much describes me in a nut shell, yet this is ‘generic’ information about Capricorns simply because the sun was in a certain place when we were born, which influenced those attributes in us. Each astrological sign rules different parts of the body and mind and may have some unique and/or over-lapping traits. Likewise, each astrological sign responds to individual healing modalities differently, and we can determine by sign, what works best for who, out of the following practices;

• hands on healing
• Bach flower remedies
• Homeopathy and tissue salts                        
• Herbs and mother tinctures
• sound and color therapy
• dowsing and radionics
• reflexology and acupuncture
• nature cure (remove toxins through balancing acid and alkaline)
• massage and chiropractics
• change in diet

As Capricorns rule the skeletal system, we need lots of massage and reflexology to prevent inhibition of movement. We also need the nature cure treatment to remove toxins. Our tissue salt is Calc Phos, for bones and teeth, although I recommend taking Dr Schussler’s 12 tissue salt combination. Your body will use what it needs out of the 12. Always keep calendula tincture on hand for dental use, and Yerba Mate tea, a stimulant,  for rheumatism. Now, this is huge-

Vervain, to balance the over-enthusiastic, argumentative part of us. I have a digital program on my computer, that plays the sounds of all the Bach flower remedies, and I tired it today for the first time (just discovering the Vervain yesterday). Jimmie will rate my demeanor! There are many herbs for various other conditions that are good for Capricorns, but too numerous to mention, and of course you can always dowse for the best herb for you, the best modality to treat the current condition, a good healing color, or a good Bach flower remedy.   You can also dowse to see if there are other healing modes such as Sai Sanjeevini or paper doctor patterns that could benefit you.  You can dowse for dose and frequency-  broadcasting or live dose.  And many things you may potentize or ‘realize’ yourself, such as the tissue salts or any homeopathic remedy.  Be eclectic.

But lastly, detaching from the material world, and letting your bottled up emotions out will help the most, and is critical if you have frozen shoulders, like me.

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