Sign Of The Prophet

All of the zodiac signs have their own personality traits, with some, of course, overlapping, for instance, Cancers have the tendency to brood, but then so can Capricorns as well. I’ve been reading about the Cancers, because I am married to one and am the daughter of one, and both are true to sign.

In terms of the Cancer male, he is softhearted (under that tough shell) and loyal, and in need of constant support. Making people feel good about themselves is one of the Cancer’s greatest gifts, but on the flip side, the contradictory nature of Cancer gives their temperament wild mood swings and possible temper tantrums. They are easily offended and will sulk and wallow in self pity for a long time when they get hurt,                       yet they have a deep psyche and intuitive mind-                                                   and they can be extremely unpredictable. Cancer is also shrewd and cautious                                           and I know my man is one of mysteries.

A Cancer can be;

• Emotional and loving
• Changeable and moody
• Intuitive and imaginative, and a great teacher
• Shrewd and cautious
• Protective and sympathetic, but

will never let one forget one’s errors, which might suddenly make you feel like your best friend is your worst friend. He dislikes aggravating situations, being told what to do and being given advice.

I have confirmed by reading in many astrology articles that my man is true to sign- the eternal homebody thriving on love and affection, and since it is usually counter-productive to try to analyze when arguing with a Cancer,

 a “Shut Up” and a kiss is a better choice.

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