The Remedy Bottle Is Never Empty

Yesterday I bragged about dowsing for borax which covered                                          both the immediate ear disturbance I was having, and a former panic attack I  had last week while trying to take the subway.

It’s a magical mystery to feel it (ear ache), dowse (for remedy)            and then read about the remedy my higher self selected which has an uncanny way of always being spot on, and it amazes me each and every time.

Borax is a remedy I am unfamiliar with, but I found that I had a bottle of pellets from one of the first homeopathic emergency kits I bought back in 2001, containing 50 of the more exotic remedies in the 200c and 1m potency.                                                                                       Not that I couldn’t have realized it myself-  it’s just always a convenience to have something ready made on hand. Even just the thought of the borax had given my ear a slight improvement, and as the pellets melted under my tongue, so did the ear irritation melt off and was gone by the time I finished my article.

Now today I felt the slightest re-occurrence of the ear thing, in the form of a tiny sore throat, right at the point of the right side of my throat which meets the ear. I was going to take borax again, but Jimmie said I should dowse because my remedy had most likely changed. Good idea, so I dowsed and my pendulum pointed to the spoke that said 30 or 16. I asked… 30? No. I asked… 16? Yes, and remedy #16 is arcenicum. I know arcenicum well- it’s always in the top 30 most commonly used remedy kits. It is known for relieving intestinal distress, but can also be useful for a sore throat, as I found out while reading about what my pendulum picked.

I looked high and low and could not find any arcenicum of any strength and did not feel like waiting hours to potentize. At last I found an empty small amber bottle marked ‘arcenicum’, thinking I could add water, success, and put a drop under my tongue. Jimmie and I had just been reading a fascinating article about the vibration of homeopathy being on another plane and we, as usual, decided to do an experiment. The author of the article talked about holding the remedy in his left hand and receiving the benefit without actually having to swallow it. So I picked up the amber bottle of arcenicum residue, wrapped my hand around it, and plopped myself down on the couch to wait and see. I held it, and I felt the lump in my throat melt off to normal over the next few minutes or so. Had I known about this form of delivery I would have never thrown out an empty remedy bottle, because I see it is indeed, never empty.

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