Using Pendulum To Balance PH


Back to PH again.  I’m just amazed that mine has stayed at 7.3 everyday since I used my pendulum to balance it over a week ago.           I first measured my PH to be 5.8 (way too acid) and I balanced to the optimum PH level for humans- 7.3.  I picked up my daughter’s sample off the Sai Sanjeevini thought management chart and dowsed for her PH, which was 6.2, and then balanced her up to a 7.3, however the 6.2 was not bad for someone who isn’t really paying attention to it.  (Off the subject for a moment, Jimmie’s dowsing confirms the continued benefit of the Sai Sanjeevini and keeps Alison on it, and checks her regularly.) Then I checked my mom’s PH.  Wouldn’t ya know- 7.2 and needs no help from me!  She’s just the picture of health- she eats sparingly and with much thought about her intake. I just dowsed for Jimmie’s PH and it was 6.5.  Then I asked for his PH to be balanced to 7.3, and to show me the 7.3 when finished.  And so be it, my pendulum circled and circled and eventually went to the 7.3 spoke on my PH dowsing wheel. Now for Brandi- first I’ll take her PH reading with my pendulum, and then I will read about dog PH to compare my results. Ok I get 6.5 for Brandi’s PH and just read that neutral(7.0) is best for her, so it seems dogs, plants and people all do best within a 2 point spread.  Sometimes I get a particular flinch in my hand when my pendulum hits upon an answer or completes it’s task and I felt it today when dowsing for Jimmie’s PH.  I will be checking and balancing all the family’s PH on a regular basis (doggie too) now that I understand it’s importance, and you can get a PH tester kit for about $6 to verify your dowsing results!

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