My Biggest Regret- Vaccinating

As a little bit of an overprotective older mom (I had Alison when I was 37 which I consider an older mom), I made sure she had her regular visits to the doctor, and of course, all her early childhood shots. Bomb shell- I was an idiot.

I now consider vaccinations to be at the root of a host of conditions and issues our population has suffered because of the contaminated contents of vaccinations causing the ‘a’ disorders-  allergies, asthma, addiction, autism, auto-immune diseases, anorexia, apnea, ADD, Aspergers, and Alzheimer’s, not to mention kids with poor conduct (who grow into sociopaths and commit violent crimes), and I do believe that tainted vaccines are responsible for the epidemic amount of kids born with low IQs as well as learning disabilities, for example, dyslexia, and many many other conditions including stuttering, obesity, and chronic ear infections. You can do your own research. I have certainly done mine and stand firm with my findings. I stopped vaccinating my daughter when, at age 13, they wanted to give her a flu shot and a series of hepatitis B vaccines and I said   “No to the no”.

Little known is the fact that you may request an immunization exemption  form from any institution that may try to insist that your children must be fully vaccinated, such as public schools.  Here is one I found for The Boy Scouts:

On religious, philosophical, or medical grounds, I request exemption for me and/or my child from all vaccinations and/or
immunizations required by the BSA (found on under Scouting Safely) for attendance to Camp _______________________
operated by the _________________________ Council, Boy Scouts of America. I understand that a medical evaluation and
screening by a licensed health-care practitioner is necessary to reduce the possibility of exposing other camp participants to a
communicable disease.
In consideration of these exemptions, I understand that I accept complete responsibility for the health of me and/or my child,
and I hereby release and agree to hold harmless the Boy Scouts of America and any of its officers, agents, and representatives
from any liability that might arise during Scouting activities by virtue of this exemption. It is further understood that, should an
emergency arise, (name)____________________________________, (telephone) ________________________, will be
notified immediately. In the event that this contact cannot be located immediately, the Boy Scouts of America authorities may take
such temporary measures as they deem necessary.
Participant signature Parent/guardian signature
Date: ____________________________________________________
Name (print): ________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________________

So don’t let the schools or health care providers bully you. Know your rights and quietly insist upon them without engaging in a battle of whose views are correct, cause you’ll be there all day and never win. Just complete the form and keep your kids home during an epidemic, which you’d probably do anyway.   This website gives you all the laws, forms, and requirements regarding vaccines in California   This website confirmed my suspicions about vaccinations being directly linked to social violence, so give it a read and let me know if you agree with the author and his credentials- I sure do.

Another good site for the dangers of vaccinating:

and also a must read:   VACCINE CHILD ABUSE BY DISEASE        for the rest of the vaccine induced disease alphabet.

For those of us who are already vaccinated, there is a Sai Sanjeevini pattern to antidote the effects of vaccines which I consider a must for anyone who has been vaccinated and especially for kids displaying any indication of vaccine damage.

Child with vaccine induced hep B

And now we have a society full up with all these disorders/conditions, or imbalances, with an AMA mentality that can’t deal with it because, first they would have to admit there was a problem and that they caused it, and secondly they would have to look beyond their toxic pharmacies and make the paradigm shift in both understanding and process, neither of which looks likely in the near future.


Sick society produces sick ‘medicine’ making everyone sicker. 

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