Alternative Cancer Cure Success Story

Rebecca, an attractive young woman in her 30’s,  was my dental hygienist in Pittsburgh.  I considered her to be strictly allopathic in thinking and practice, however she had one fantastic story about her younger sister, that is anything but allopathic. This is truly one of the worst medical nightmare/miracle stories that I have ever heard. At the time, Sister (I’ll call her Sister because I don’t even know her name) was 19 years, and had been diagnosed with bone cancer, with already 2 surgeries under her belt.

With 2 unnecessary surgeries and nowhere else to go, the doctors reluctantly gave Sister 6 months to live, and sent her home to die. Rebecca’s parents, in a last-ditch effort, somehow found an alternative medicine cancer clinic in Mexico, and took her south of the border,   for “God knows what”.   We don’t know exactly what therapies Sister received-  she has never liked to talk about it, but Rebecca does think that acupuncture was a part of it. After several weeks of “God knows what”, Sister was sent home, with literally bags of horse sized vitamins that she was to take. (I know that many doctors feel that vitamin and mineral deficiencies are at the root of many diseases, so intensive vitamin therapy in conjunction with other modalities, makes perfect sense). Sister left the clinic in Mexico cancer free, and remains cancer free to this day- she is now 33 years old. Here is the warning her American doctors gave her when she showed up (after returning from Mexico) with a clean bill of health ;  “Do not have children. Becoming pregnant can change your hormones and set off another bout of cancer.” This was probably a legitimate warning, but despite it, Sister has 4 beautiful children, and NO cancer.

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