Almost every day, I hear a new and interesting story about homeopathy, in one way or another.

 Today I read about a woman who had been traveling once a month on business, and was becoming exhausted from it. At one point she became ill with flu like symptoms- fever, chills, restlessness, aching bones, and feeling like she just wanted to be left alone. That night she couldn’t sleep. Restlessness and flu symptoms were keeping her up, along with tossing and

turning, adjusting, and so forth.                           The bed felt hard and lumpy. After some time of discomfort passed, she even went so far as to turn her mattress over because the bed felt so hard and she just couldn’t get comfortable.  This syndrome of travel and flu continued for a couple of months without resolve.  One night in a fit of distress, a light went off in her head and she finally realized what was needed. She immediately placed some 30c arnica pellets under her tongue, resulting in a calming and soothing of symptoms within moments. Now, arnica is the last remedy you would think of for flu like symptoms, however the mind set “wants to be left alone” screams arnica. Also, oddly enough, when the bed feels too hard, take arnica. The bed feeling too hard is a hallmark indication that arnica is called for. I am not kidding. And I have come to learn that arnica has been widely used to treat exhaustion from travel.                               Very interesting use of arnica.

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