As the global economy suffers, here  is a success story                                                                               involving homeopathy   and the small island of Cuba.

Each year after hurricane season, many Cubans are hit with leptospirolis, commonly known as swamp fever. Protocol for prevention, until now, was an aggressive vaccine program, costing the tiny island about 3 million each year however, hundreds were still stricken, and many cases resulted in death.

 In December 2008, an international conference was held at the Finlay Institute in Cuba, attended by world renown homeopaths from South American, Australia, Canada, Kenya, and Cuba. During this conference, the Cubans announced that a “nosode” (a homeopathic preparation of less than a molecule of substance) to prevent leptospirolis was given to the populous in place of the vaccine, with incredible success. The nosode directs the body to produce antibodies against the leptospirolis. Subsequent to this new approach, only a few cases of swamp fever were reported, and NO deaths. It cost Cuba only about $250,000 to supply their citizens with this simple and effective remedy, not to mention the suffering and death that was averted. Michael Moore had it all going on when he took a rag tag group of sick and beaten down Americans to Cuba, where they were transformed into healthy beings (most of whom reduced their prescription drug intake to almost nothing), in the movie Sicko.    Thanks Michael, for bringing forth all this vital information you do.

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