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I started publishing blog articles beginning the last week  in March of this year, and since that time I have had over 700 views from 35 countries (some I’ve never heard of before) and have 23 followers who read my articles every week.

On my side, I find it facinating to know who is interested in the subjects that I write about.                                                                  Take today so far, for instance; I was viewed by 8 people from India, 6 from Australia, 2 from Puerto Rico, and 1 from the United States. The following search terms were typed in, and thependulist was found;

  • hormesis curve charts for pendulum dowsers
  • can oil pulling heal frozen shoulder
  • the measure of a man is how he handles adversity
  • dowsing chart
  • pendulum chart
  • hormesis curve for pendulum dowsers
  • hormesis curve
  • pity train

Is someone looking for passage on The Pity Train? I’m not sure about the oil pulling helping frozen shoulders but I hope it does, as I suffer from frozen shoulders, and am oil pulling for teeth and bone issues. I’ll let you know the result further down the line.

Some other interesting search terms were;

  • water left on side ph level
  • hep c gone
  • dowsing explanation
  • oil pulling saving teeth
  • herbal lach humanum
  • chamomile for ear infection’
  • i regret vaccinating my child
  • dowsing pendulum chart
  • acupuncture clinics Mexico
  • staphysagria serial killer
  • how can radionics stop addiction

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