Miss Reliable

It’s never easy changing- developing- growing.                                                              It’s a paradigm shift to put others before ourselves and choose a more humble road, rather than everything being about self self self . The discomfort you feel is there for a purpose like a hot poker up your ass it is designed to MAKE YOU MOVE, to the next level of growth, change, correction. Once you reach the next level, you can take a short breather, but then it begins all over again, and such is life.

I’m not sure where Alison is on her journey, but  it was sure great hearing her voice yesterday, after a few weeks of incommunicado. Ours is not to question so much along the way, but to listen and support, although I always seem to break my own rules when I actually get to talk to my daughter. She is almost 90 days cleans (doing it au naturale) and boasts low to no cravings, as she has proclaimed since about week 3. Her behaviors may have been questionable/unpredictable in the past, but there is one thing steadfast I can always count on from her,                                                                                                      and that’s a call home.        Miss Reliable after all.



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