Holes In My T Shirts

I have mentioned some of the inadvertent things that have happened at home, we feel, as a result of the dowsing and healing work we have been doing here;

  • Brandi’s bad breath disappeared
  • Fruit flies that used to hang around the bananas, also have disappeared
  • People get a mellow feeling when they come into our apartment

One could argue otherwise, but we are sure of what we see, and why. Something strange and negative, as well, has occurred, and I want to share it with you, and hope someone has some feedback for me on this one;

All of my cotton T shirts have developed a pattern of holes in the front, below the waist.

I brought a rather large wardrobe from the east 2 years a go- all garments in tact, but then started to notice these holes in one t shirt after another (if you look carefully at the blue t shirt on your left, you will see the holes). No holes in Alison’s shirts or in Jimmie’s- just mine, so it’s nothing to do with laundry. And oddly it only happens to shirts of a particular fabric- cotton- and not to my jeans, or underwear, or other blouses or dresses or anything else. The pattern of holes and location of the holes is similar on all of the shirts- and only on items that I have worn since I came to California, for example, I have a green T shirt with a horse motif that had been in storage since we got here, which I brought down to my apartment last month. I looked it over- no holes, so I started wearing it. Now look…

This is not wear-and-tear.  Some of these shirts were brand new and hardly worn, and some were older, but all were ‘sans les trous’.  I recently went to Target and bought 3 cheap T shirts to try to fill in my now dwindling wardrobe. One shirt has not been worn and is fine- out of the other 2, I have worn both of them 2 or 3 times, and 1 of them already has holes.  We scoured the internet for similar stories and possible explanations. ..we found many similar stores, all starring cotton shirts with holes found around the navel area of the shirt (and no one else in the family has the same issue)- but the explanations were lame, including washing machines and seat belts- no no no- the answer is definitely metaphysical!!

Yesterday I was very frustrated because of that green shirt which I loved, and now is ruined, along with at least 20 other garments that I had to trash. Jimmie dowsed for answers and protection. He says a negative entity  has attached

itself to my etheric body and tried to remove it. This is all new to me and it will be exciting to see if he was successful. So I will be checking my shirts on a regular basis to see if any new holes appear, and let you all know.

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