Pest Control And Hydroponic Gardening

Urban gardening can be tough because of all the obvious reasons- space being         one of the biggest challenges.            We recently began an herb garden in a hydroponic grow tent, which sits on the back porch of our apartment. It’s a new growing medium for me, plus we have the advantage of being able to manipulate light, air flow, and nutrients, which could mean faster and fuller crops, so I am having fun with this experiment.

One of the so-called advantages of hydroponic gardening is the controlled environment makes it easier to keep bugs out of the mix, however, last week I witnessed a lone bug flying around the vessel that contained the plants and water. I thought little of it because it was a single tiny bug- a fluke.  But Jimmie also mentioned that he too had seen ‘one lone bug’, and decided to try something- enter ‘digital radionics’, also known as ‘broadcasting.’ We have used it many times before successfully, with messages such as “All ants leave the premises”, or “Alison, call your mother”. This time Jimmie took a picture of the plants in the grow tent, which he sent to the computer and uploaded to the digital radionics software program as the subject, with a ‘wish’ or ‘message’ of “Protect from all non-beneficial insects, increase magnesium”, and he used a picture of a decagon used as an amplifier. After all that information is put in, the radionic rate (67397883) and pitch (257.10 hz) were found, the device is started and broadcasting begins.

About 4 days later Jimmie asked me if I had seen any ‘lone bugs’ around our herb garden lately- I said no. He brought me to the garden area to show me why, pointing to the red plastic bucket. Looking down in you could see a small amount of water and about 30 or more dead bugs. So much for the lone bug theory- there were dozens of bugs, but they all died suddenly and collected in a bucket after being subjected to radionic rate 67397883 and pitch 257.10 hz (I’ll spare you the visual details).

FYI- radionic flowers software gives you the audio tone for all the Bach flower remedies. I often listen to ‘vervain’ when I find myself getting a bit overbearing!

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