How Not To Snap

People snap when their ability to cope is overwhelmed. I don’t care how great my coping styles are- it makes more sense to me to simply remove the stress factor as opposed to trying to learn how to deal with it. My blood pressure goes up with stress but is normal without stress so it’s important for me to do as much of the following that I can;

• meditation- should be a part of every day to center and balance myself

• massage- no better way to relax all over

• exercise- both for stress reduction and also to help decrease any kind of cravings

• counseling- even just venting can be a stress reliever

• hot bath- also reduces blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels and lasts for hours

• proper amount of sleep- this is vital for those who have high blood pressure

• ignatia- it’s the classic grief remedy but I use it for stress and sleeplessness

• flip the cell phone on silent

• Sai Sanjeevini patterns for high blood pressure- and so forth…

Now lets talk about how to remove the stress factors altogether- ah, well, ah, I guess I can think of a few…

1. Adopt a dog from the pound- save a life- receive joy from a new friend- petting reduces blood pressureand caring for him takes your mind off yourself.

2. Empower yourself with healing techniques so as not to be beholden to the health care system

3. Downsize and stop trying to keep up with the Jones’

4. Speak to a loved one who is stressing you and make a positive request

5. Designate one day a week to stay out of the car,                                                                              as parking can be a huge  stress factor living in Los Angeles 

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