Unafforable Cobra

King cobra. No, I’m not talking about the big snake, but health  care                                                        insurance that can choke your finances. In 2009  I                                                joined the ranks of the unemployed. After over five                                                           years as a loan officer for a company owned by the world’s largest bank, the  consumer lending department  (6,000 of us) was shut down, without so much as a day’s notice. In a gesture of generosity (ha ha) the company paid our health insurance premium for the next 60 days, and then we were on our own. Enter Cobra, stage right.  As I worked for a company that offered  great benefits,  health insurance was something I  always opted to have, as one never knows what type of emergency might come up- from broken bones, to stitches needed, burns, urgent breathing issues, etc.  As an employee of a huge company, my portion of the monthly premium ran me about $125 every other week, which included medical, dental, and eye for a

family of three, on a Blue Cross PPO. That means I could choose my own doctor ( with a higher co pay) or take a network doctor for a lesser co pay. But there was always a co pay, and I didn’t mention that my deductible was $750 a year, per person. Now when Cobra kicked in, my premium would go up to $800 per month. That’s right folks, $800 a month, along with a $750 deductible yearly times three. That’s $11,850 out of pocket each year, from the gate!!!! I had no choice but to decline the insurance and to go on, with absolute certainty, that I or my family will NOT get sick, or that the issues that come up can be handled with homeopathy, herbs, radionics, Sai Sanjeevini patterns,  and other energy healing modalities, because I sure as heck am not going with King Cobra.

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