Husband Dowses For Remedy

 I am on a new remedy, realized, or pontentized, by my illustrious husband Jimmie, and it is called Calcarea phosphorica. There are three primary causative factors for the development of a Calcarea phosphorica case:

a) bad nutrition- fifty or one hundred years ago, case descriptions of Calcarea phosphorica children treated by earlier homeopaths were abundant in our literature. Nowadays, in Western countries, the remedy is not indicated as often because nutrition has greatly improved.

b) bad news- similar to bad nutrition, unexpectedly hearing bad news causes an imbalance in the organism and makes the individual sick. Apart from the predisposition that a child inherits from its parents, there are other causes that trigger a Calcarea phosphorica state. These include psychological stresses experienced in everyday life, e.g. grief, anxieties, insecurity, anger, contradiction, insults, etc., with the most devastating effect being wrought by the sudden hearing of bad news. This is one of the great key-notes of the remedy. This kind of shock cannot be tolerated by the organism so predisposed and brings about a deep imbalance and disease. For example, a Calcarea phosphorica individual receives a telephone call informing him of a car accident involving a close relative. He becomes overwhelmed and cannot cope. His organism reacts to the information by getting excited, by having palpitations and fainting spells. He perspires profusely, especially around the neck and head and wants to fan this area all the time. What began as a temporary imbalance then turns into a chronic condition. He is afraid of hearing anything bad and becomes distraught from any kind of unpleasant news. Even the mere idea that he may encounter something unpleasant is unbearable.

c) bad weather- changes of weather, especially to cold and to wet, often cause severe symptoms. Calcarea phosphorica develops rheumatic pains that are worse in the winter (due to the cold weather), disappear in the spring and return in the autumn. Another modality of rheumatism observed in Calcarea phosphorica is that special times for aggravation are in the autumn and when the snow is melting, i.e. in the spring. This is a valuable and well-confirmed symptom.

I would say in my case the causes were both bad weather and bad news, and I carry the calc phos traits such as sighing, sympathetic, fearful, exhausted. Funny enough, I read that the calc phos patient can often be confused with both ignatia, which has been my old stand by remedy for years( using it for every emotional crisis that has come up) and staphsagria which is a remedy that I selected for myself recently, but never got to making or taking.

Jimmie dowsed for the most beneficial remedy for my current condition, using the 151 list of homeopathic remedies. Calcarea phosphorica was selected at the 10m dose, to be taken once a week for 3 doses. 10m is the new dose for what Jimmie and I refer to as the dual chronic/acute cases, such as mine. They are chronic yet acute at the same time- thus the 10m dose.

I am always trying this and that- touching patterns, listening to healing tones, vital magnetism, home made concocted remedies such as ‘Madeleine’ made from my spit, or L.A. made from Los Angeles air, and much more stuff than I could even mention, but homeopathy has always been the mainstay- and we always find ourselves going back to it. My health issues appear as structural, but are really emotionally driven underneath. It isn’t that way for everyone, but it’s that way for me. Frozen shoulders and sore feet are at the forefront of my complaints and have been for years on end, with no resolve from any modality along the way. I didn’t know what to expect from the calc phos as I didn’t take it for any one particular reason, say, high blood pressure or something. Jimmie just said “Read about calc phos, and then try this. I think this may be your remedy.” He had already put the remedy on the decagon and charged the water with the calc phos, at the 10m dose.

I took one drop and let it pool under my tongue and went on about my day. I drove out to the valley and did some errands, came back to Hollywood and did some more errands, checked my email, then took Brandi out to the bathroom, picked up the mail- then back to the apartment. By this time, it was noon and suddenly it struck me- my feet were not burning sore as they normally would be after this much activity. Is this some kind of fluke or could it be the calc phos? My feet are indeed incrementally, measurably, and unmistakably improved. I once had a similar result using Medterinum, but it did not stick and within a day or so, my feet were back to bad again. It’s been 3 days now since I took the calc phos and the improvement is sticking. I took Brandi on a 2 mile walk this morning without limping home in agony. I have not noticed any other health benefits at this time- only the improved feet which believe me is enough. Dayenu.  

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