Quest For A Chiropractor

Living in big Los Angeles, you would think we have it all, right at our finger tips. In some ways we do- great ethnic cuisine, mild stable weather, a huge community of all manor of natural healers, and some of the best shopping ever. But how do we find specifics in this vast general and overwhelming melting pot?

My recent quest was finding the right chiropractor for myself, after having to leave 2 excellent practitioners behind when I left Pennsylvania. Yes I had 2- the first one, JW, was a traditional old school hands on guy, who did adjustments, trigger points, and massage, and then there was Dice, who did the B.E.S.T. technique, which is mind clearing- an essential precursor to healing. Between the 2, and homeopathy, I kept myself together without much incident.

I know what I want and I know what I need- I like the Pierce Stillwagon and Thompson technique (using adjustments with drop table)- no electrical apparatus or ultra sound- just good old fashioned hands on stuff. And no x rays please. Unnecessary and an absolute no-no.

I must have interviewed 30 chiropractors and been in treatment with 4 now, trying to find the right fit, and I think I just did. It was well worth it, because I now have Dr. Annie on my team- she did a complete exam and put together a treatment plan which included my feet, knees, low and mid back, neck , and shoulders!

  • it’s a new in practice and she is passionate about her work-
  • treatment is financially feasible- she’s working with me
  • she’s a natural healer and open minded to my metaphysical endeavors
  • she has a Thompson drop table, and I am in heaven!

Although I did use dowsing to help me put together my new health plan, I didn’t need to dowse to realize my need for chiropractics- it is not only recommended to me as a Capricorn, but it simply brings me immediate results. Oddly, I could only find 1 actual practicing B.E.S.T. chiropractor here in Los Angeles.  I had 2 sessions with him and would be seeing him on a regular basis today, if finances permitted. Lacy had amazing diagnostic abilities- he could determine anything- he even told me my jaw was out of place, which indeed it was, but only I knew that, and him. After being in a funk, I am determined to improve my feet and shoulders beginning with mindset.  Between Drs. Annie, Lacy, and Jimmie, I’m in good hands.

FYI;  chiropractors were one of the groups persecuted and put out of business by the AMA and John D. Rockefeller, it’s founder, during the 1800’s, as they were ‘bad for business.’

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